Adhering to the spirit of education and creating development together - experts

On September 12, 2018, Chairman Chen Huichang, Honorary President of Guangxi Education Equipment Industry Association, and Chairman Li of the Shenzhen Education 

Equipment Industry Association, led the experts from the Education Equipment Association of Guangxi and Shenzhen, and the governing units of the Association. We have

 made teaching visits and guidance, and we have proposed that as an education industry, everything must be based on actual conditions, starting from the needs of users, 

and doing quality and functional educational products.

During the visit, the leaders listened carefully to the explanations of a series of hardware products by our beautiful lecturers, including wall-mounted all-in-ones,

interactive whiteboards, whiteboard all-in-ones, LCD touch all-in-ones, 2.4G wireless remote control, and disaster warning system. And recording and broadcasting


As a senior hardware manufacturer in the education industry, nine years of industry experience has led us to reflect on the implementation of the "weak school reform 

policy" for so many years, multimedia teaching equipment is becoming more and more popular in schools, and modern teachers and students feel that information technology

 brings education. How to manage these devices at the same time of change, how to make these devices more convenient and simple to use is an important issue. During 

the meeting, General Manager Lu of General Manager of Fangcheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. showed the leaders the newly developed R&D equipment control and 

<Teaching Terminal Application> software.

Equipment control software for class-by-level management of classes, schools, counties, cities, districts and provinces of teaching equipment. The education department 

can view the data information of the quantity, distribution, utilization rate, and number of faults of all teaching equipments in the area through the equipment map in

 the equipment control software, and then determine whether the audio-visual equipment is fully utilized. In addition, each higher-level unit can remotely view real-time

 desktops, remotely control desktops, remotely publish task commands, and remotely publish information to the next-level multimedia devices to realize remote management 

of audio-visual equipment.

The teaching terminal application treasure is applied to the terminal classroom, and the teacher customizes the control desktop to help the teacher quickly find the 

functional software in the teaching process and easily teach. At the same time, it provides K12's educational resources, computer automatic detection, WeChat warranty, 

curriculum tasks and many other practical functions.

We are very grateful to every opinion and advice given by the leaders of the Education Equipment Industry Association. They are well aware of the needs of school 

users, and at the same time have a good understanding of the status quo of domestic educational equipment. From a macro perspective, we have analyzed the future

 development path of educational equipment. They made us more confident and more powerful in our footsteps.

Here, I would like to thank the leaders of Guangxi Education Equipment Industry Association and Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association for their presence. 

We will always adhere to the "everything from the actual, from the user needs, do the quality of functional and practical educational products" concept, and constantly

 provide users with more and better products.