Farewell impressive in 2012, ushered in a promising 2013

In the colorful fireworks and cheerful music, the Snow swirling festival of firecrackers being brittle, 2013 New Year's bell is about to sound. We bid farewell to our highly successful 2012, ushered in a promising 2013, recalling a year, it is fortunate that no doomsday comes, we still live in this blue planet, chasing their own dreams, to continue doing is not completed thing, although the cold pierces the bone marrow, but the sun is still shining, cold and warmth intertwined and survival, winter pregnant with the breath of spring. In this New Year's moment in the 2013 New Year approaching, the party into the company to extend my heartfelt thanks and best wishes in the new year, wish all the new and old customers a Happy New Year, good health, family Conde, good luck