Fangcheng Guang science writing infrared whiteboard into the era of multi-point

Traditional whiteboard writing is limited to one person, the biggest challenge lies in both written requirement can not be achieved; presentation in the classroom, students pass enough to easily meet the two requirements simultaneously writing, this aspect can help teachers effectively organize teaching contents, improve classroom efficiency; hand writing technology through the implementation of multi-point to give more students the opportunity to create a manual operation, to help them better understand the course content.
1, Fangcheng Guang learn infrared whiteboard writing a single point from the original 4.0 version upgrade to 4.2 version of multi-point writing.

2, the main menu bar add "dock" icon to facilitate teacher flexible operation.

3, the repository has changed hired ways to make the operation more convenient.

4, optimized shortcut icon, the overall feeling is more clear.