"2017 EIBOARD Team work together to create, share, play" 0utdoor Experience Acti

2017 After sales mid-year meeting, EIBOARD carried out the "2017 we together to create, share, play" as the theme of the 2-day outdoor experience activities, all sales staff to respond positively and participated in the event. At the beginning , in the form of ice-breaking personnel reorganization, is divided into "Blood Wolves", "Eagle", "Wolves", and the formation of group model PK, "People cannot left the flag even death "inspiring activities.

Experience the Survival of Cities - Citing the Survival Activities of the United States (CBS): Urban Survival Experience Project. According the simulation experience in the absence of information technology market competition, how to use limited resources, through the survival of athletics in a limited time to complete a seemingly impossible task.  

The Warriors team challenged things to go through the hiking, walking mainly on foot, completing the rush from the east to the west, during the experience of the mountain, jungle, sand, rock, streams, canyons and other landscape experience. we help each other in activities, think of the team cannot drag the legs, teeth adhere to, must go to the end, when more and more close to the end of the time, everyone is really excited, and finally brave the challenge of their own.  

Concentric circles, also known as the excellent circle - all members surrounded by a concentric circle, hands dancing rope, and complete the team to create the goal, experience the strength of the team to create more than 1000 times dancing outstanding achievements.

Through the outdoor experience activities, EIBOARD team got deeply sentiment: a positive atmosphere is very important, a positive environment can be inspiring; execution is very important, identified the goal, to determine the plan, then do not doubt that there must be seriously implemented Perseverance; In 2017 EIBOARD team got with the growth of teaching, with progress, together to create, share, and play!