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  • EIBOARD Interactive Flat Panel Android 12.0

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    EIBOARD Interactive Flat Panel Android 12.0

    EIBOARD Interactive Flat Panel Z series is designed with latest Zero-gap bonding technology, it takes more accurate writing experience. The interactive flat panel is also called as an interactive whiteboard, a smart board , an interactive panel, or interactive flat display, which is a large smart display board that is integrated with a computer + a tablet + touch TV+ smart board ,and is used as a tool for displaying and manipulating digital content. The touch display sizes have 55",65",75",86", 98" , along with latest Android 12.0/13.0/14.0 and Windows system, which widely used for school classrooms, training institutes and enterprise conference rooms.The Interactive Flat Panel Z series with main features of: 1. Zero-bonding technology with more accurate writing experience 2. Front bezel with sliding lockable design 3. Quick access popular Apps from panel front button menu 4. Android 12.0/13.0/14.0 and Windows Dual system 5. A grade 4K panel and AG tempered glass 6. Licensed Whiteboard software 7. Wireless screen share software 8. Customization acceptable

      More Features: EIBOARD Interactive Flat Panels supports multi-option: 1. Customized brand, booting, packing 2. OEM/ODM /SKD/CKD 3. Sizes available: 55" 65" 75: 86" 98" 4. Touch technology: IR or capacitive 5. Manufacturing process: Air Bonding, Zero Bonding, Optical Bonding 8. Android system: Android 9.0/11.0/12.0/13.0 with RAM 2G/4G/8G/16G; and ROM 32G/64G/128G/256G 7. Windows system: OPS with CPU Intel I3/I5/I7,memory 4G/8G/16G/32G, and ROM 128G/256G/512G/1T 8. Mobile Stand, Document Camera, Smart Pen ... Interactive Flat Panels Z Series offer a range of features designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Here are some features: 1. High Touch Accuracy - Interactive whiteboards with zero-bonding provide a highly accurate and responsive touch experience. This means that users can easily and precisely interact with the board using their fingers or a stylus pen. 2. Reduced Parallax Effect - With zero-bonding technology, the distance between the touch sensor and LCD panel is minimized, resulting in a reduced parallax effect. This makes it easier for users to accurately select and manipulate objects on the board.