LED Recoardable Smart blackboard  白板


LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard V5.0

short description:

EIBOARD LED recordable Smart Whiteboard V5.0 is upgraded from smart blackboard V4.0, with 2-frameless design,which takes better user experience.

The Smart Whiteboard V5.0 is an advanced version of the traditional classroom whiteboard that incorporates modern technology to revolutionize the educational experience. It is designed to replace the traditional whiteboard that utilizes markers and erasers and bring in a new era of teaching and learning. With design of seamless writing and big flat surface, it enables the traditional whiteboard writing content to be e-content and saved easily and convenient. Available sizes are 146 inch, 162 inch and 185 inch.

The LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard is equipped with a high-resolution digital screen that has touch capabilities. This feature means that users can use it to write, draw, and interact with images in real-time.Additionally, the recordable feature of the Smart Whiteboard allows users to record their work and save it for later use.

The EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard is ideal for use by teachers, presenters, and facilitators as it can be used to display images, videos, and other multimedia content.Moreover, its ability to integrate easily with other devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, allows users to share content and collaborate effortlessly. The Smart Whiteboard is an essential tool for any modern classroom or meeting room as it combines advanced technology with visual representation.

In conclusion, the LED recordable Smart Whiteboard is a game-changer in the world of education and presentations as it enables users to deliver content more creatively and effectively while enhancing the engagement and interaction between the presenter and the audience.


Product Detail




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Why the LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard is designed?

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More Unique Features

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More Details

EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard V5.0

is new concept designed for smart classroom solution,which integrates traditional white board,interactive board, touch panel and recordable solution all in one.

It enables the traditional blackboard or whiteboard writing content to be e-content and saved easily and convenient.

With design of seamless writing and big flat surface, it enables multi-user to operate with multiple working modes simultaneously.

Users can write by finger, pen, markers at the same time.

EIBOARD Smart Blackboard (1)
EIBOARD Smart Blackboard (2)

The LRSB V5.0 is with more unqiue features:

1) Latest Android 11.0, 4G,32G and Windows dual system

2) With 10 shortcurts for convenient operation

3) Powerful recordable software system embeded

4) Frameless design

5) Pluggable design

6) Sub-boards support ceramic with ink marker writing

More Features of EIBOARD Smart Whiteboard V5.0:

1. Recordable feature that allows you to record and playback presentations
2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless sharing and collaboration
3. Smart blackboard that can recognize and interpret handwriting and drawings
4. Touch screen display for easy navigation and interaction
5. Digital writing tablet that allows you to write and erase with ease
6. Interactive writing pad that lets you work collaboratively with others
7. Whiteboard animation that adds a dynamic element to your presentations
8. Virtual learning environment that removes the barriers of traditional classroom learning
9. Smart classroom technology that leverages technological advancements for optimal teaching and learning
10. Interactive board technology that enhances classroom engagement and participation

Smart Whiteboard for teaching

Basic Info

Item Name

LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard V5.0

Panel Size

146 inch

162 inch

185 inch

Model No.





3572.8* 122.81*1044 mm

3952.8* 127*1183 mm


Main Screen (H*V)

1649.66* 927.93mm

1872* 1053mm

2159 *1214 mm

Sub-screen (L*D*H)

933* 61.5*1044mm *2pcs

1000* 61.5*1183mm *2pcs

1143*61.5*1336mm *2pcs

Packing Size(L*H*D)

1845*1190*200 mm*1 ctn;

1030 * 190 *1140 *1 ctn

2110*1375*200mm*1 ctn; 1097*190*1280mm*1 ctn

2410*350*1660mm*1 ctn;

 1240*190*1433mm*1 ctn

Weight (N.W. /G.W.)

82KG/ 95KG



Main Screen Parameters

LED Panel Size 75”, 85”, 98”
Backlight Type LED (DLED)
Resolution(H×V) 3840×2160 (UHD)
Color 10 bit 1.07B
Brightness >350cd/m2
Contrast 4000:1 (according to panel brand)
Viewing angle 178°
Display protection Tempered explosion-proof glass 4 mm
Backlight lifetime 50000 hours
Speakers 15W*2 / 8Ω

Sub-Screen Parameters

Blackboard Type Green Board,Blackboard, Whiteboard as optional
Shortcuts 10 Shortcuts for fast convenient operation:Split screen, Blue Pen, Red Pen, New Page, Last Page, Next Page, Board Lock,Memory Record,QR code, Desktop
Writing Tool Chalk, Marker, finger, pen or any non-transparent objects

System Parameters

Operating System Android System Android 11.0
CPU (Processor) CORTEX A54 Quad Core 1.9GHz
GPU Mali-G52 MP2
Storage RAM 4GB ; ROM 32G;
Network LAN/ WiFi
Windows System (OPS) CPU CPU: I5-10th Generation (i3/ i7 optional)
Storage Memory: 8G (4G/16G optional) ;Hard Disk: 256G SSD (128G/512G/1TB optional)
Network LAN/ WiFi
OS Pre-install Windows 10/11 Pro

Touch Parameters

Touch technology IR touch; 20 points; HIB Free drive
Touch Items Finger, Pen, Marker, Chalk
Touch Feature Main screen and sub-boards can work simultaneously.
Response speed ≤ 7ms  
Operation system Support Windows 7/10/11, Android, Mac OS, Linux
Working temperature 0℃~60℃
Operating Voltage DC5V
Power consumption ≥0.5W

 Electrical Performance

Max Power ≤300W   ≤400W ≤450W
Standby power ≤0.5W
Voltage 110-240V(AC) 50/60Hz

Connection Parameters and Accessories

Front ports

USB2.0*2,HDMI*1,Touch USB*1,MIC IN*1

Rear Ports

HDMI*2,VGA*1,RS232*1,Audio*1,Earphone*1,USB2.0*3,RJ45 IN *1, MIC IN *1, Type-C*1,Touch USB*1,OPS Slots*1

OPS ports accordingly

2*USB2.0,2*USB3.0,1*VGA,1*HDMI-out,1*RJ45,2*WIFI,1*AUDIO OUT,1*MIC-IN,1*POWER

Function buttons

8 buttons on front bezel: Power/Eco, Source, Menu, Home, PC, Anti blue light,Screen record,Screen share


Power cable*1 pcs; Touch Pen*1 pcs; Remote Controller*1 pcs; Water-eraser* 1pcs, Warranty card*1 pcs; Wall brackets and installation kits*1 set














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