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Smart Blackboard for Conference

short description:

EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Blackboard with sizes of 77inch and 94inch,in model FC-77EB and FC-94EB, is specially designed to assist smart meeting or small classrooms. It integrates traditional writing board and interactive touch technology to create a new smart memory record writing solution. With design of seamless writing and big flat surface, it enables the traditional writing content to be e-content and saved easily and conveniently. It enables multi-user to operate with multiple working modes simultaneously. Users can write by finger, pen, chalk at the same time. The smart blackboard 77inch features a 55inch 4K touch screen panel and a sub-board all in one. It supports 20 points touch,with latest Android 11.0 and Windows dual system. For online meeting purpose, the in-built 4K camera with microphone will make the connmunications more convenient and efficient.

Product Detail


Product Application


Smart Blackboard 77inch 94 inch


EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Blackboard 77/94 inch, model as FC-77EB/FC-94EB, is an innovative tool and specially designed for conference rooms and small classrooms.

* It provides a large, easy-to-read/write display that uses LED technology to present sharp, clear images and text.
* The blackboard is also recordable, allowing you to capture and save important notes or ideas discussed during the conference.
*  The smart blackboard offers an intuitive touch-screen interface that is user-friendly, making it easy to write, draw or annotate on the board.
*  The smart blackboard can also be connected to various devices, enabling you to import or export content and to collaborate with others remotely.
*  The smart blackboard also built in with 4K camera and 8-array mirophones, easy for online conference.
Overall, the EIBOARD LED recordable Smart Blackboard is a versatile and useful tool for conferences and meetings, offering an intuitive interface, excellent visuals, and convenient collaboration capabilities.



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More Features:

The LED recordable smart blackboard features Android or Windows dual operating systems built-in. An interactive smart panel in the middle as main screen has a 4K resolution display that comes 55", left or right blackboards as sub-screen are interactive with high resolution too. Infrared (IR) technology makes the device interactive by adding multi- touch function up to 20 touch points.  In-built OPS in Windows system features latest generation intel core i5 processors, 8GB RAM, 256G hard drive and Windows 10/11 professions operating system to provide sufficient computing power to the device.

glass board
Smart Blackboard 77_08

Furthermore, the smart blackboard has a licensed interactive teaching software preinstalled that has many functions from lesson planning to lesson recording and archiving. Device supports almost all latest educational apps and content for smart teaching. Built-in screenshare licensed application allows the teacher smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops that runs in any operating system (Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS or MAC OS) to project and share to smart whiteboard wirelessly. Smart blackboards with in-built 4K camera are ideal for online meeting for teaching by using Zoom or Microsoft Teams platforms.

The smart blackboards has built-in wifi modules and therefore no need for any wired internet connections. In terms of connectivity, smartboards have multiple USB and HDMI ports, Mic-in, RJ45, Touch Port, VGA, and other general ports that comes with computer to connect with external devices. Smart blackboard or the interactive touch panel is built with Aluminum and therefore it is resistant for corrosions. In addition, it has a think 4mm tempered glass to protect from physical damages for the panel. The LED Recordable Smart Blackboard is wall mountable and also provide a movable stand as optional.

Smart blackboard 77inch

Basical Parameters 

Item Name

LED Recordable Smart Blackboard for Conference

Model No.

FC-77EB          |          FC-94EB


Complete Set

1890*120*787mm    |   2219*919*120mm

Main Screen

Touch Panel Size

55″ |  65″ LED Panel 


3840(H)×2160(V) (UHD)


1.07B (8-bit+Dithering)




4000:1 (according to panel brand)

Viewing Angle


Electrical performance

Max Power


Standby Power



110-240V(AC) 50/60Hz

Operating System

(Dual OS available)

Android System

Android 11.0,

CPU: A53*4,Quad core,1.5GHZ ;  GPU: Mali G52

Storage: RAM 2/4GB ,ROM 32G;  Network: LAN/WiFi; Bluetooth included

OPS/Windows System

CPU: I3/i5/ i7;

Storage: 4/8/16G; 128G/256/512 SSD or 1T HDD;

Windows: Pre-install Win 10/11 Pro


Touch Technology

IR touch; 20 points; HIB Free drive

Touch Items

Main screen and sub-screen can work simultaneously.

Response Speed

≤ 8ms

Operation System

Support Windows7/10, Android, Mac OS, Linux



10W*2 / 8Ω

Ports of main screen

Rear Ports

HDMI*1,VGA*1,AUDIO*1; Earphone*1,USB2.0*2,Touch USB*1,RF*1, OPS slot*1

Front Ports


In-built Camera with Microphone


Camera Pixel

8M pixels


Fixed focal length lens, effective focal length 4.11mm


Horizontal viewing angle 68.6 degrees, focus 76.1 degrees

Main camera focus

 Fixed focus lens, effective focal length 4.11mm

Max no. of frames



Free drive

Video resolution

1920*1080, 3840*2160

Microphone type

Digital array microphone

No. of digital marks

8 pcs



Noise ratio signal


Pickup distance

5~8 m


Win10 free drive

Accessories List

Power cable*1 pcs; Remote Controller*1 pcs; Touch Pen*1 pcs; Marker *1pcs,Instruction manual*1 pcs ;

Warranty card*1 pcs; Wall brackets*1 set;


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