Question: Display No Power

1.can not be powered on
1Check the power supply
2Check whether the power switch  is turned on, and whether the indicator light of the power switch is red. If there is no response when turned on, the external power connection is defective.
3Check whether indicator on the front panel system is red or green, and whether the energy-saving mode is turned on.
4If the system indicator on the front panel is not on, and the power switch indicator on the bottom is red, the power board is defective

5Android motherboard problem, repair or replace the motherboard







Question: Remote control fails

1Check whether there is any other object blocking between the remote control and the TV remote control receiver
2Check whether the battery polarity in the remote control is correct

3Check if the remote control needs to replace the battery


Question: Automatically shuts down

1)Whether sleep is set
2)Check if there is a sudden power failure
3Check if there is no signal to automatically shut down




Question: Display No Power

1Can't boot, indicator is on, the screen flickers and then goes off
--- Short circuit:
A. Test and check the pad insulator under the power board
B. If the insulator is normal, the power board is faulty
2) Unable to boot, the red light is on, or the green light is on when the machine is powered on.
--- Short circuit ,or problem of Android motherboard







Question: Black screen

1.Black screen, with backlight, the front panel lights up green light
Defective LCD panel (return to factory for repair)
2.Black screen with backlight, front panel red light
1) The Android motherboard program is lost, update Android system
2Defective Android motherboard (replacement by sending newparts)
3 Black screen, no backlight
Bad backlight (return to factory)








Question: Splash or blurry screen

---- Caused by Logic board, long screen cable, HDMI cable
1Splash screen under both Windows and Android ---- logic board or long screen cable
2Splash screen Only under Windows  -----
A) HDMI cable from OPS convert board to Android board
B) OPS high frequency







Question: Vertical or horizontal black/bright lines

1. Check screen cable connection
2. Caused by static electricity:
Solution: Can only find a local professional TV/screen repairer to repair it with a machine
Note: The DC power supply must be grounded, otherwise it will easily lead to this problem.
3. The vertical or horizontal lines appears on both Android and Windows system, it should be issue of LCD screen.
Need to return the panel to the factory for repair or replace the screen.






Question: Touch

QWE (1) QWE (2) QWE (3) QWE (4)
1 No Touch  
1Check if the touch driver is installed and started on the host computer or the android system.
2Check whether the cable connected to the touch screen is too long and the signal transmission is attenuated.
3If the OPS has no touch, but Android has touch:  
open the test software to calibrate the positioning; if not, reinstall the system;
Android has no touch, but the OPS has touch:  Android system restores factory settings
4 )There is no touch under the dual system,
the calibration server shows that it is not connected, check whether the touch screen USB cable is connected normally;
if the connection is normal, open the Factory Test page in the calibration server, check if it’s the touch sensor problem
2 Touch not accurate  1Use the positioning program to check whether it is connected , and re-calibrate the positioning
2Check whether to use the Windows system self-calibration program for calibration, if it is,  delete it;
Use a special program to calibrate (Can be provided by facotry if necessary)

3Check if the touch pen is vertical writing state

Question: Black/White Dots

3-5 black or bright dots is within the process range of LCD screen(For A level screen)
Notice: All panel material is original A grade level, brands will be AU,LG, CSOT,BOE according to different batches of stock.
A grade screen has allowed 2-5 dots for different sizes. If a spot is bigger than usual partitial dot,they are adjacent beadjacent 2/3 dots together.
IIS standard can be provided if necessary.





Question: Water Foggy

---- caused by indoor high and low temperature alternating difference or laying the product
1) Quick solution:  Use a hair dryer to blow against the mist part  (medium heat) ,  it can be solved in a few minutes.
2) Ordinary method:  Power on the panel for a long time until the water mist disappears
3 ) Hang the products up or put them on their feet.





Question: Child Lock / Screen Lock

1Android 8.0~13.0 systemforget password, enter 2580 to unlock screen. Or press F9 on remote
2) Android 9.0  972 & Android 11.0  982, forget password, press "Please enter lock screen password" 9 times, then "Please enter super password" will pop up, enter "6666”to unlock screen.
(3) Android 11.0/13.0 982, forget password, click "forget password" enter Secret password "0000", enter the new password.




Question: Four corners with dark shadows


Under the straight down backlight structure, because all four corners are round, the overall light uniformity is more than 70%, which is the normal phenomenon.


Question: Low light


After the dark light with a flashlight to shine the screen whether there is an image, there may be an image backlight or light bar problem; no image but the backlight is bright, according to the following troubleshooting: black screen with sound, and the remote control can shut down the motherboard is good. The next step is to replace the logic board, FFC line, LCD screen one by one for troubleshooting.


Question: OPS No signal

1Caused by signal source setting
With OPS - check built-in computer /OPS channel source
No OPS - check memory channel
2Caused by OPS computer  (computer motherboard, memory stick, CPU)
3Caused by OPS convert board ; or  signal connection cable between Android motherboard and OPS convert card

4Caused by Android motherboard:  Return to the factory for repair or replace the motherboard







Question: No signal for both OPS and AndroidOPS


Caused by Android motherboard:   Return to the factory for repair or replace the motherboard


Question:HDMI No signal or Splash

1.  First check whether the cable is connected properly, and rule out the abnormality of the HDMI interface.
Don't use too long HDMI cable, you can use optical fiber high-definition cable.
When there is a problem with the ratio of the notebook connection, you can set the notebook, press Fn+F7 at the same time, a menu will appear and select "Only the second screen". Then the large screen will display the notebook screen, the notebook is a black screen.




When the notebook is 30Hz, the HDMI EDID is adjusted to 1.4 / When the notebook is 60Hz, the HDMI EDID is adjusted to 2.1


Question: System Upgrading

Tool: a USB Drive is required    
Format: FAT 32             

1)Click on the download software link, and the file size is about 1 G
2)Unzip the folderand save the system program U root directory
3)Insert the U disk into the motherboard USB port
4)After the power is cut off, and long press power botton until the red and blue light flashes alternately
5)If the above operation is successful, upgrade the progress interface, showing the upgrade progress
NOTE: The entire upgrade process takes 5-10 minutes, and the power cannot be cut off in process











Question: Android application installation format requirements

Answer: APK format