Question: No sound comes out after the 2.4G microphone is connected, and the computer sound is normal

Answer: 2.4 The microphone is muted, press "Menu" to release the mute, the function is normal

Question: The USB device cannot be recognized

Answer: If the USB cable is not plugged in, loose or falling off, connect it again; if the USB-HUB board is off or damaged, replace it and connect it again; if the pins of the USB interface are damaged, replace the entire interface board directly

Question: The USB device cannot be used

Answer: 1. Confirm whether the driver of the USB device is installed, reinstall the driver or connect the USB device to other tests, and confirm it; otherwise, replace the USB-HUB. To

2. Confirm that the USB-HUB and USB devices are normal or unavailable, and restore the system.

Q: No sound from VGA or HDMI output

Answer: Check whether the connection with the external device is correct

Question: There is no response when you press the power button, the light does not turn on, and the entire system does not power on

Answer: 1. Check whether the power input line is well connected, whether the power socket switch is turned on, and make sure that the power line has power.

2. Open the top cover of the machine, check whether the touch cable is loosely connected, and use the DC gear on the multimeter to measure the "5V, GND" on the touch panel to see if there is a 5V power supply. If the 5V power supply does not turn on, replace the touch panel ; If there is no 5V, replace the power supply.

3. If the plug-in power supply is replaced, but it still cannot be turned on, replace the smart controller main board.

Q: There are vertical lines or stripes in the background

Answer: 1. Select automatic correction in the menu;

2. Adjust the clock and phase in the menu

Question: Inaccurate touch positioning

Answer: 1. Use the positioning program to check whether it is connected;

2. Check whether the WIN system self-calibration program is used for calibration, if necessary, clear; use a special program to locate; 3. Check whether the touch pen is facing the screen

Q: The touch function does not work

Answer: 1. Check whether the touch driver is installed and activated on the host computer; 2. Check whether the size of the touched object is equivalent to that of a finger; 3. Check whether the touch screen USB cable is connected correctly; 4. Check whether the touch screen cable is too long. Signal transmission attenuation

Q: The computer does not turn on

Answer: The central control is turned on normally, check whether the power cord is loose or fall off, whether the computer power cord is connected properly, and then plug in the computer power cord again.

Q: The computer restarts repeatedly

Answer: Re-install the memory module, discharge the motherboard, remove the button battery, short-circuit the positive and negative poles on the motherboard with metal for 3-5 seconds, reconnect it, and install and boot; after the above method, it is necessary to restart repeatedly. Consider the computer motherboard and computer power supply issues.

Question: The prompt signal is out of range in computer mode

Answer: 1. Check whether the display is set correctly; 2. Check whether the resolution is the best resolution; 3. Adjust the line synchronization and field synchronization in the menu

Question: The computer cannot be started, the computer power light is off or abnormal

Answer: Directly replace the OPS computer to test. If it still fails to start, replace the plug-in power supply and the central control backplane.

Question: The computer system cannot display or start normally

Answer: 1. When booting into the desktop, it prompts "system activation", and enters the desktop with a black screen. In this case, the pre-installed version of the operating system has expired, and the customer activates the system by himself; 2. After booting into the repair mode, it pops up and cannot be repaired. Reboot and press the keyboard "↑↓", select "normal startup", the problem is solved; the user must shut down correctly This problem can be avoided. 3. When the computer is turned on and enters the win7 icon, it restarts repeatedly or starts a blue screen. Power on and press the "Del" key to enter the BIOS, change the hard disk mode, change from "IDE" to "ACHI" mode or from "ACHI" to "IDE". 4. The system still can't...

Question: The machine cannot connect to the Internet, the network port shows "X" or the web page cannot be opened

Answer: (1) Confirm whether the external network is connected and whether you can surf the Internet, such as using a laptop to test (2) Check whether the network card driver is installed in the device manager (3) Check the network settings to see if it is correct (4) Confirm whether the browser is correct Intact, there is no virus, you can repair it with software tools, check and kill the virus (5) Restore the system, reinstall the driver to solve this problem (6) Replace the OPS computer motherboard

Question: The machine runs slowly, the computer is stuck, and the whiteboard software cannot be installed.

Answer: There is a virus in the machine, you need to kill the virus or restore the system, and do a good job of system restoration protection

Q: The device cannot be turned on

Answer: 1. Check whether there is electricity; 2. Check whether the device switch is turned on and whether the power switch indicator is red; 3. Check whether the system indicator is red or green, and whether the energy-saving mode is turned on.

Question: The video function has no image and no sound

Answer: 1. Check whether the machine is turned on; 2. Check whether the signal line is plugged in and whether the signal source corresponds; 3. If it is in the internal computer mode, check whether the internal computer is turned on

Question: The video function has no color, weak color or weak image

Answer: 1. Adjust the chroma, brightness or contrast in the menu; 2. Check whether the signal line is connected properly

Question: The video function has horizontal or vertical stripes or image jitter

Answer: 1. Check whether the signal line is connected properly; 2. Check whether other electronic equipment or electric tools are placed around the machine

Question: The projector has no signal display

Answer: 1. Check whether the two ends of the VGA cable are loose, whether the wiring of the projector is correct, and the input terminal must be connected; whether the signal channel is consistent with the wiring channel; the central control panel selects the "PC" channel. 2. Use a good monitor to connect directly to the VGA port of the OPS computer to see if there is a signal output. If there is no signal, replace the OPS computer. If there is a signal, enter the system right-click "Properties" and display to see if dual monitors are detected. For dual monitors, replace the central control motherboard or central control backplane; if there is only one monitor, replace the OPS computer.

Question: The projector display signal is abnormal

Answer: 1. The screen is not displayed completely, the desktop icons are not displayed or not fully adjusted to the appropriate resolution or the system is restored (when the computer starts, press the "K" key to select the restoration system) 2. The screen is color cast or the screen is dark. Check whether the VGA cable It is intact, connected well, and the projector function is normal; if the VGA cable and the projector are normal, connect directly to the VGA interface of the OPS computer. If the display is normal, replace the central control backplane and motherboard; if it is not normal, replace the OPS computer.

Q: The image lacks color and the color is wrong

Answer: 1. Check if the VGA and HDMI cables are not connected well or have quality problems; 2. Adjust the chroma, brightness or contrast in the menu

Q: Display unsupported format

Answer: 1. Select automatic correction in the menu; 2. Adjust the clock and phase in the menu

Question: The remote control fails

Answer: 1. Check whether there is any obstruction between the remote control and the TV remote control receiving end; 2. Check whether the polarity of the battery in the remote control is correct; 3. Check whether the remote control needs to replace the battery

Question: One-key switch can not control the projector

Answer: (1) The customer has not written the projector's RS232 control code or infrared code, and put the infrared lamp in the area that the projector's infrared probe can receive. Write the code and check whether the control line is connected properly. (2) After setting the basic parameters, the central control action of the switch must all be selected, marked with "", and write the basic parameters. (3) Set the code sending time, delay time, and power-off time of the electric lock

Question: The audio function speaker has only one sound

Answer: 1. Adjust the sound balance in the menu; 2. Check whether only one channel is set on the computer sound control panel; 3. Check whether the audio cable is connected correctly

Question: The audio function has images but no sound

Answer: A: 1. Check whether the mute button is pressed; 2. Press the volume +/- to adjust the volume; 3. Check whether the audio cable is connected correctly; 4. Check whether the audio format is correct