Our History

● The year of 2020

Innovation and upgrade, launch conference integrated machine 3.0, whiteboard integrated machine 3.0, interactive terminal 2.0, blackboard teaching memory integrated machine

● The year of 2019

Invention patent: 2.4G multi-function remote control, launching memory integrated machine, interactive terminal and video conference integrated machine

● The year of 2018

Won the "Top 100 Enterprises and Dedicated Enterprises in 2018" and developed the conference integrated machine 2.0

● The year of 2017

Obtain the software product certificate and construct the overall solution of intelligent teaching; R&D conference integrated machine 1.0

● The year of 2015

Won the "national high-tech industry" and successfully developed high-tech products such as four-point optical electronic whiteboard and control terminal

● The year of 2013

Invention patent: multi-function remote control, with an annual output of over 100,000 units, successfully developed multi-function remote control and obtained the utility model patent of embedded mouse and keyboard of all-in-one machine

● The year of 2011

Ranked among the leaders in the education industry, with sales increasing by 30%

● The year of 2009

Fang Cheng Teaching established, developed and sold electromagnetic whiteboards