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Recruitment: Foreign Trade Regional Sales Manager

Foreign Trade Regional Sales Manager

(We need 10 sales managers for India, Russia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Middle Asian countries. )


Job requirements:
1. Familiar with any of following area, such as education, commerical display, IT, ICT, audio-visual, office equipment, etc.;
2. More than 3 years of foreign trade sales experience, able to independently develop new customers;
3. Fluent English is required. Those familiar with the local market and local language will be given priority.
4. Have good social and communication skills; be able to receive and visit customers independently;
5. Ability to withstand high work pressure
6. Those with experience in visiting customers abroad will be given priority.


* Fixed salary + performance + commission + bonus.
* Excluding commissions and bonuses, monthly salary starts at least CNY 10,000.00.
* Comprehensive annual salary is more than CNY 200,000.00.


Platform & Resources for developing customers:
1. At least 2 overseas industry exhibitions per year
eg. Some exhibition countries: United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, South Africa.
2. Alibaba shop and official website.
3. CRM for 8-year , accumulating nearly 20,000 high-quality potential customer resources.


Please consult us directly for details, or bring your resume to come for an interview. You can make an appointment in advance.

Anyone with lofty ideals is welcome! And welcome foreigner friends to join us. 



3. 要求英语流利。 熟悉当地市场、熟悉当地语言者优先。
4、具有良好的社交和沟通能力; 能够独立接待、拜访客户;

* 固定工资+绩效+提成+奖金。
* 不包括佣金和奖金,月薪至少 1万以上。
* 综合年薪20万元以上。

例如。 部分参展国家:英国、西班牙、阿联酋、俄罗斯、印度、南非。
3. 8年CRM,积累近2万优质潜在客户资源。

详情请直接咨询我们,或携带简历前来面试。 您可以提前预约。 欢迎有志之士! 并欢迎外国朋友加入我们。