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LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard

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EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard is the latest generation of multimedia digital classroom product, it is specially designed to assist smart teaching,integrated traditional writing board and interactive touch technology to create a new smart classroom solution. With design of seamless writing and big flat surface, it enables the traditional whiteboard writing content to be e-content and saved easily and convenient. Available sizes are 146 inch, 162 inch and 185 inch. 

Product Detail




EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard is new concept designed for smart classroom solution, which integrates traditional white board,interactive board and touch panel to create a new solution.It enables the traditional blackboard or whiteboard writing content to be e-content and saved easily and convenient. With design of seamless writing and big flat surface, it enables multi-user to operate with multiple working modes simultaneously. Users can write by finger, pen, markers at the same time.

Why it's designed?

Before we know the LED recordable smart whiteboard, please read below information about the development of multimedia classroom solution, then you will know the how the LED recordable smart whiteboard appears and why the classrooms need it.


In the past, there 4 generation reforms for multimedia digital classroom: 

1. The 1st Generation is traditional digital classroom, installed with Projection Screen ,projector , desktop computer,blackboard or white board , podium and speakers. The solution is not interactive because of none touchable screen, all displaying and operation depend on controller, PC mouse and keyboard.


2.  The 2nd Gen is traditional smart classroom, installed with interactive whiteboard , projector , computer or multimedia all-in-one PC,blackboard or white board. The solution is interactive, multi touch, modern and smart. The solution occupied the education market for more than 15years, acceptable and popular, but nowadays it has been already replaced by new generation product (LED interactive panel displays), because the system needs at least 4 products installed separately and it's with none HD color viewing experience.


3.  The 3rd Gen solution is LED interactive flat panel with blackboard or white board. The 3rd smart board solution is all in one, no need projector and computer external connected, easier to install and use. But the system still need 2 types of products to be purchased and installed separately.


4.  The 4th Gen solution is Nano smart blackboard, which is all-in-one designed, no need separately to buy any writing board. The entire surface is much bigger and seamless for convenient chalk writing.  But the smart blackboard can not record and save the writing notes on the blackboard, the notes are erased after writing.


Latest 5th new generation solution for multimedeia calssrooms:

The 5th Gen solution is EIBOARD LED recordable smart whiteboard, which is newly designed with real all-in-one. It solves all the pain points of above 4 solutions and exceeds the above 4 reforms.

There are 4 versions since V1.0 launched in 2018. The V3.0 launched in 2020 is popular and valuable. The coming V4.0 is more powerful. 


The LED recordable smart whiteboard has all functions of Interactive Smart Board, Projection, School Chalkboard, LED Interactive Touch Displays, Nano blackboard, Speakers, Visualizer, Controller, Pen Tray, etc..

Besides above functions included, it has more unique designs:

1)  The LED recordable smart whiteboard can record handwriting notes as e-content in multiple working modes, and quick to save.

2)  The saved e-content is easily to share to students to review , and upload to school cloud platform for parents to turtor children on learning.

3) The writing panel surface is 100% interactive as an ultra super big surface, with seamless design.

3) The left and right writing board surface as subscreen, there are multiple optional types, eg. marker board, chalk board , blackboard, whiteboard, green board etc..The subscreen sizes can be customized according to main screen size.

4)  The middle lcd panel as main screen can be written as board surface writing by marker or chalk, and easy to erase.

5) Available sizes : 146inch, 162inch and 185inch


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What's more about LED recordable Smat Blackboard?

Any product for education use should think about all parties in education sector. The LED recordable smart whiteboard is designed to play an important role in educationm and it's also a new opportunities for education modern smart classroom soution market.

1) For Teachers

The modern classrooms need something new and special to make the teaching and learning easier and convenient, make the lessons efficient.

2) For Students

All the teaching procedures can be saved and easy to review after class to avoid missing of important notes.


3) For Parents

Especially the students in primary and first learner stage, they need parents' help for homework. The recorded and uploaded teaching procedures on school cloud platform is easier for parents to check what their children learned in schools and how to tutor homework.

4) For Schools

While maximizing the saving of education expenses, increasing the utilization rate of the equipment by teachers, and maximizing the value of multimedia teaching equipment, schools hope the teaching resource of excellent teachers can be shared and learned by others.

5) For MOE & Government

Most schools may have already installed multimedia digital board solutions in the classrooms. But many of them were originally installed with basical version to save costs, the entire system was not perfect and convenient, and the teachers' utilization rate was not high, which would take a waste. What's more, these devices may have been installed for long time, many of them are no longer available to use and need to be fixed and replaced. In some classrooms, multimedia digital board system may never have been installed, and they need valuable and efficient new solution too. The design of the LED recordable smart whiteboard can solve these problems. It can maximize the saving of education expenses, increase the utilization rate of the equipment by teachers, and maximize the value of multimedia teaching equipment.

6) For School Supplies Providers

The new unique solution is needed, for biding advantages and easier marketing.  The manufacturer with strong R&D and production capacity is highly required as support.


That's why the LED recordable smart whiteboard is a new opportunity for education market.

We EIBAORD team will try best and effort to serve the education market, to upgrade our LED recordable smart whiteboard, and market it most valuable and with best performance. 


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  • Basic Info

    Item Name

    LED Recordable Smart Whiteboard

    Panel Size

    146 inch

    162 inch

    185 inch

    Model No.





    3572.8* 122.81*1044 mm

    3952.8* 127*1183 mm


    Main Screen (H*V)

    1649.66* 927.93mm

    1872* 1053mm

    2159 *1214 mm

    Sub-screen (L*D*H)

    933* 61.5*1044mm *2pcs

    1000* 61.5*1183mm *2pcs

    1143*61.5*1336mm *2pcs

    Packing Size(L*H*D)

    1845*1190*200 mm*1 ctn;

    1030 * 190 *1140 *1 ctn

    2110*1375*200mm*1 ctn; 1097*190*1280mm*1 ctn

    2410*350*1660mm*1 ctn;

     1240*190*1433mm*1 ctn

    Weight (N.W. /G.W.)

    82KG/ 95KG



    Main Screen Parameters

    LED Panel Size 75”, 85”, 98”
    Backlight Type LED (DLED)
    Resolution(H×V) 3840×2160 (UHD)
    Color 10 bit 1.07B
    Brightness 350cd/m2
    Contrast 4000:1 (according to panel brand)
    Viewing angle 178°
    Display protection Tempered explosion-proof glass 4 mm
    Backlight lifetime 50000 hours
    TV (Optional) Image format:PAL/SECAM/NTSC (Optional) ; Channel storage 200
    Speakers 15W*2 / 8Ω

    Sub-Screen Parameters

    Blackboard Type Green Board,Blackboard, Whiteboard as optional
    Shortcuts 9 Shortcuts for fast convenient operation:Split screen, Blue Pen, Red Pen, New Page, Last Page, Next Page, Board Lock,Memory Record,QR code
    Writing Tool Chalk, Marker, finger, pen or any non-transparent objects

    System Parameters

    Operating System Android System Android 6.0
    CPU (Processor) CORTEX A53 Quad Core 1.5GHz
    GPU Mali-720MP MP2
    Storage RAM 2GB ; ROM 32G;
    Network LAN/ WiFi
    Windows System (OPS) CPU I5 (i3/ i7 optional)
    Storage Memory: 8G (4G/16G optional) ; HDD: 256G SSD (128G/512G/1TB optional)
    Network LAN/ WiFi
    OS Pre-install Windows 10 Pro

    Touch Parameters

    Touch technology IR touch; 20 points; HIB Free drive
    Touch Items Main screen and sub-screen can work simultaneously.
    Response speed ≤ 8ms  
    Operation system Support Windows7/10, Android, Mac OS, Linux
    Working temperature 0℃~60℃
    Operating Voltage DC5V
    Power consumption ≥0.5W

     Electrical Performance

    Max Power ≤300W   ≤400W ≤450W
    Standby power ≤0.5W
    Voltage 110-240V(AC) 50/60Hz

    Connection Parameters and Accessories

    Front ports USB2.0*3,HDMI*1,Touch USB*1
    Back Ports HDMI*1,VGA*1,RS232*1,Audio*1,MIC*1,Earphone*1,USB2.0*4,RJ45 IN *1,RJ45 OUT *1,OPS Slots*1
    Function buttons 8 buttons on front bezel: Power, Source,Menu,Volume+/-,Home, PC,Eco
    Accessories Power cable*1 pcs; Touch Pen*1 pcs; Remote Controller*1 pcs; QC card*1 pcs; Instruction manual*1 pcs ; Warranty card*1 pcs; Wall brackets*1 set

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