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LED Interactive Touch Screen Operation FAQ


1. Why do the conference tablets often show fog on the screen?

To ensure the safety of the screen, a layer of toughened glass was added to the screen, and to ensure heat preservation, there is a certain gap between them, which is used to reserve the airway for air convection.The main reason for fog is that the screen temperature and external temperature. Hot air meets a lower temperature of glass surface condensation, resulting in water fog.Water fog does not affect the normal use, generally start on the use of several hours after the fog will slowly evaporate and disappear.

2. No sound on the conference tablet external laptop device?

If it is a VGA line connection, it is only image transmission, you need to connect the audio line. Similarly, if only the audio line cannot produce sound and images, you need to connect both the VGA line and the audio line and identify the VA channel or choose the HDMI line connection.

3. Is it normal for the meeting tablet to feel overheated for a period of time?Is there any bad impact?

Screen body heating is a normal phenomenon (heat dissipation), and will have no adverse effects.At present, the heat dissipation design of our whole machine is leading in the industry, is the maker of industry standards, in line with the national health standards.

4. Will the long-term use of meeting plates be harmful to the eyes?

The recognition of flicker by the human eye is 50Hz, below 50Hz, and the eye muscles constantly adjust to flicker and cause eye fatigue. We use 60Hz and 120Hz LCD screens, so the human eye actually can not feel the flicker of our screen, which can slow down the fatigue to a large extent compared with other similar products.


Post time: Nov-24-2021